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Glasgow does not run short of accommodation for students and their visitors. The city has a number of reputable hotels and inns for visiting parents and guests, and the university has excellent accommodation venues for students.

Hotels and Accommodation

The University of Glasgow offers various accommodation for the families of their students and rents out a limited number of family flats. The prices and rates of each flat will differ according to the location and size of the flat.

The University of Glasgow offers two types of family accommodation, which are university owned property and private properties leased to the university. Families that opt to stay in university owned flats will be given a small flat in the Hillhead area, which is very near the main campus. They can come with either one or two bedrooms, a kitchen and a bathroom. The flats are full furnished and include cutlery, crockery, and bed linen. Private properties leased to the university are located in the West End of Glasgow and are only walking distance from the campus. Rooms have either one or two bedrooms, a bathroom, and a kitchen.

Student Accommodation

The University of Glasgow operates a number of residence halls which cater to the needs of each student. Student applications are classified under two categories, A and B. Students that fall under category A are usually from overseas or areas that are far from Glasgow. Their applications are the first priority of the school due to the distance of their original homes from the school. On the other hand, those that fall in category B are students that live within the area or those who live within a reasonable commuting distance from the school.

Murano Street Hall is the largest residency hall of the university. It can accommodate 1,150 students, providing each of them their own single study bedroom. The hall offers two types of accommodation: self-contained flats and student hostel. Self-contained flats can house four to five students in individual rooms and shared kitchen and dining area. Student hostels are composed of 10 to 12 single rooms that share a kitchen. Both types of accommodation are equipped with televisions, telephone points, and computer clusters. Murano Street Hall has medical facilities located in the main building. Bed linens are provided but students are expected to provide their own cutlery, cooking utensils, and crockery. It is located 2 km / 1.25 miles from the campus, which takes 25 minutes to walk via footbridges over the Clyde and Forth Canal, and Maryhill road.

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